Soldbuch Volkssturm Berlin

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Soldbuch Volkssturm Berlin

Post by lutrebois » 01 Sep 2018 10:26

Good morning friends,
I was able tu buy a Berlin Volkssturm Soldbuch for my collection.
The man was drafted February 6th 1945 and, as it seems, fast transported to the Oder front.
February 22nd, the man was wounded by artillery and brought to the Reserve Lazarett Wünsdorf.
Scan aufnahme Wünsdorf.jpg
The man recieved the "Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz" as is noted in the Soldbuch, signed by a Med Dr.
Scan Verwundetenabzeichen SB.jpg
Strangely, the stamp does not read "Reserve Laz Wünsdorf" but "Reserve Laz Cottbus".
Scan Stempel.jpg
If this was a forgery and only the "Cottbus" stamp was on hand, for sure they would have written "Aufnahme in Res Laz Cottbus".
So there must exist an other explanation.
Wünsdorf and Cottbus were both in the Oder front - back area, but the distance between this two Lazarette was 60 miles.

The "release from hospital" note, doesn't give additional info about the wherabouts of the man on that moment.
Scan Entlassung Lazarett.jpg
- Has anyone an idea why the Cottbus-hospital would not be mentionned on the "Aufnahme" page ?
- Would it be possible that our guy had to go on a 1 day-base to Cottbus where more specialised medical aid was present ?
- How is it possible that the Med Dr. of an other hosptal does the "paperwork" ?
- I can't imagine that only paperwork (like the soldbuch) was transported to Cottbus for administrative reasons… , am I right ?

Any idea/help would be strongly appreciated!

Enjoy the weekend

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Re: Soldbuch Volkssturm Berlin

Post by GregSingh » 02 Sep 2018 08:07

Both hospitals were run by the same unit: Sanitäts-Ersatz-Abteilung 3, so I can't see a problem here.
But you would need to check authenticity of the stamp itself (regardless Cottbus or Wünsdorf).

It is too big to my liking and those hospital stamps look a bit different, you can find them on the internet for comparison, but I haven't seen one from 1945, so still yours could be perfectly OK.
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Re: Soldbuch Volkssturm Berlin

Post by lutrebois » 08 Sep 2018 09:47

Good morning,

GregSingh: thanks for the reply, however I do not think that any Ersatz-Abteilung ran active units as they only trained the replacements for these units.

Cottbus counted 3 Reserve-Lazarette (Res. Laz. 101/102/103 Cottbus), the "103" is less known as the other 2.
Because Cottbus became a part of the thirth (and final) defense line on the Oder-front,(and because Cottbus was heavily bombed on Febr 15th, causing many casualties and damage) these reserve-Lazarette were evacuated to a more safe area.
As it seems, the Res.Laz.103 Cottbus was evacuated to the Wünsdorf area where it might have been reorganised together with the there existing Res.-Laz. Wünsdorf.

Has anyone additional info on these Lazarette for the timeframe Febr 15th - March 15th ?

Thanks and enjoy the weekend!


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