Tables for identifying allied landing craft and tanks.

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Tables for identifying allied landing craft and tanks.

Post by Gary Brixton » 24 Mar 2021 21:58

Hi everyone.

This is my first post, but I’ve visited many times over the years, so I should first say thanks to all the contributors.

I have a German table (chart? leaflet?) for identifying allied landing craft, and another for identifying allied tanks. I’ve searched online for information about them, but haven’t found anything.
I’ve contacted the RN museum, and the tank museum at Bovington, but I don’t think they have the resources to respond to this sort of enquiry.

Are they of interest to anyone?

My dad was in the Royal Navy ‘41 – ‘46, on landing craft for the liberation of Walcheren and Antwerp. These were among souvenirs he picked up in Antwerp.

‘Landing Craft’ is 140mm x 100mm when folded, 140mm x 450mm when open
‘Tanks’ is 148mm x 105mm when folded, 148mm x 418mm when open.

They’ve both been hole-punched for insertion in a folder.
They’re too long to fit on my scanner, so I had to scan them in sections and stitch them together. Despite how the scans may look, they’re both in one piece.

Thanks to anyone who can provide any information.

Landing Craft Side 1.jpg
Landing Craft Side 2.jpg
Tanks Side 1.jpg
Tanks Side 2.png
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Re: Tables for identifying allied landing craft and tanks.

Post by Christian Ankerstjerne » 25 Mar 2021 17:37

The Panzer-Beschußtafel isn't a tank identification guide, but rather a guide for gunners of the 75 mm Gebirgskanone 15 for which areas of each tank can cause destruction (black) or immobilization (gray) by hollow-charge (red) and high-explosive (orange) ammunition. These were created for most guns with anti-tank capabilities. It's a nice leaflet, even though it's been perforated.

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