Anyone have any ideas on what this is?

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Anyone have any ideas on what this is?

Post by Heartfeltzero » 06 Aug 2022 14:40

Recently I obtained some old ww2 era photos and this came with it. It seems to be a document dated September 30th, 1938. The contents seem to be of someone asking to be sent the birth certificate of a Anna Rosina Kaschke born in 1809. Not completely sure why they’d need someones birth certificate who would have been long dead. It came with two other letters similar to this one. All different dates but asking to be sent birth certificates and marriage certificates of different people. The letters all conclude with the common “Heil Hitler”. Any thoughts?
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Re: Anyone have any ideas on what this is?

Post by hannibal2 » 11 Mar 2023 07:52

The various requests for birth and marriage certificates seem to come from a person who is assembling documents to prove that he/she is of pure Aryan ancestry, that is, with no previous Jewish relations in the family whatever. This proof, known as the "Ariernachweis", was mandatory for any person applying for a job within any branch of the Nazi German government or directly connected to it. Church records ("Kirchenbuecher"), as in this case at the Lutheran pastorage in Boysdel, dating back at least three generations were generally accepted as proof.

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