WW2 Era Letter typed by German Soldier in Russia dated November 24th 1942.

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WW2 Era Letter typed by German Soldier in Russia dated November 24th 1942.

Post by Heartfeltzero » 28 Oct 2022 04:27

I’ve had the letter translated, it is a rough translation so apologies in advance. The letter reads :

“Russia, November the 24th, 1942

Today, i once again have my free day and got time and leisure to occupy my thoughts with my own stuff.Now winter has started its reign again. Until now i can sure say he [the winter] is a mild lord compared to last years. Even though winter has yet to come, the last few days were far more pleasent than the same days in 1941. On this hope, that the strict lord has gotten better, we want to hold on and confidently wait for spring to come, like we also want to not wait in vain for peace between the people. Once again, the olive branch of longing mankind has to become visible. It's about time that the thought of peace becomes common knowledge of the suffering people to shorten the days of devastation and death for everyones sake.

One month is left untill we stand again at the crib of the divine child. "Peace on earth to the humans of good will." - An angels word as unlikely as an angels thought at all. Yet, we religiously want to hold onto this hope for peace and love for each other. Now the lovliest feast is near, the birth of the prince of peace. A feast of marvellous symbols. How satisfied i would be if I could just once in a dark alley of any German spot look up to the shining candles of a christmas tree, that shimmer through the darkened windows!

Coming home for christmas! Forever at home! Dear god, how beautiful that must be! Oh innocent, loving child in the crib, how the humans cold heart makes you freeze. It's humans, who burned the peace out of their hearts, it's humans, who set out to kill the love, it's humans, who let their souls be missed. Humans only have the power to let this child live or be persecuted. Can humans be this cruel?! Herodes how your henchmen have grown! How you wander around the lands and murder innocent blood. See, the shepperds of the fields, they heard the angels word, hurried to the crib and carried in their hands the fruit of earth: bread. Bread to every newborn, the pittance of love in the highest sense, it's not any more than anything else.

Living is what the child wants, not falling under the horde of wolves that Herodes sent to kill the love, so she [the love] can't reign over the prince of earth. Lovely child in the crib, give us peace in these days of conflict, stroll into the human hearts and lead them in the temple of love to make them happy and joyful.

Sincerly greeting you and wishing you the best, A.”
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