How to tell if photograph are genuine - based on the paper

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Post by Battler » 26 Nov 2004 10:36

Thanks for your response

I have an other question:
I would like to buy a german photo (with dead french soldiers during the blitzkrieg) and the markings on the back are a some words and a date in german. There is also a logo "LUGDA LUMIERE".
I researched this photographic paper on internet and I saw that it was a french paper from 1953.
Do you think that this photo is genuine ?

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Post by Themuffinman » 29 Jan 2008 21:49

I've just been given a packet of 10 sheets of Agfa Brovia unopened- in similar packaging I found photos taken in the 50s or early 60,s. The appearance of these photos matches the pack description and size.

I also have some more recent Brovia in more modern packaging priced in decimal currency (£0.46) so post 1971.

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Re: How to tell if photograph are genuine - based on the pap

Post by antfan » 26 Apr 2014 00:32

I'm new to photo collecting, though not new collecting per se. Seldom see photos come up in second-hand stores and on flea markets, whilst one can otherwise obtain pretty much anything else. I have been looking on Ebay. Some of the sellers look genuine and offer some evidence to support the their clam to be genuine, but most offer none at all. One seller advertises many photos which I know can't be genuine because I've seen them in various books over the years. I have been able to check the background of some sellers by googling around and found their names come up on various history forums- e.g good seller, though expensive; total fraud, stay away! et cetera, et cetera. On the whole though, I think whilst one can take precautions to see if an item is a fake, one cannot do anything to ensure it's genuine

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Re: How to tell if photograph are genuine - based on the pap

Post by Christian Ankerstjerne » 26 Apr 2014 12:11

Even good sellers can be fooled by a good fake. What's important is not that every single photograph they sell is geniune, but that they offer to refund your money when it's not.

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Re: How to tell if photograph are genuine - based on the paper

Post by kaiser454 » 20 Mar 2015 23:37

I have discovered a tin of family photos since my dad's death. I have discovered my Oppa Franz Kaiser was in the Deutsche Afrikakorps and have some photos. They are all original. Problem is my family kept their past history secret. I have no knowledge of the family I have. I have pictures of weddings and family all with no names or locations. Is it possible to get a rough year and place of where they were taken from the photo paper? I know some were taken in Germany and some in Austria by the stamps but most just have the photo logo. My Oppa died before I was born and today none are alive. I am 39 years old and I'm the oldest living in my family. Any help in identifying the people, locations or dates taken would be an immense help in locating any family members who may have survived. If you can help please email me akaiser @ gordontafe. edu. au
thanks Mandy

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Re: How to tell if photograph are genuine - based on the paper

Post by Roches » 16 Jun 2015 14:38

Ultraviolet light: Early in the thread, the use of UV lights ('black lights') is discussed. Nowadays, you can obtain very small UV LEDs. (Not all their light is UV; they're purplish, but they work.) You can sometimes find them on their own, and they can be easily bought online. They are included in kits for making invisible markings on your property (an 'invisible' UV marker and a UV LED), and they can be used to detect forged credit cards and currency. And there are tooth whitening kits and nail polish kits that include a UV LED as an activator. Evidently, wartime paper did not contain optical brighteners that will cause the page to light up under UV.

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Re: How to tell if photograph are genuine - based on the paper

Post by Jonathan 1980luger » 16 Mar 2017 18:33

Have this old photo of hitler.seems original. No photo mark on can you tell if real thanks any info would help.guys.nice photo.tried to upload photos won't let me.

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Re: How to tell if photograph are genuine - based on the paper

Post by Munster65 » 03 Jun 2018 18:01

Hi Can anyone tell me pls if this photo of Hitler is genuine or a repro,I did post it elsewhere but heres a link ... 3&t=235222

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Re: How to tell if photograph are genuine - based on the paper

Post by Jarnob » 19 Feb 2019 13:40

I read about checking the edges of the photographic paper to check wether this is a genuine or fake photo.
But what does it mean? All edges are 'jagged'- somewhat like 'deckled' edges.

-If the edges all around are different, does it mean it is an original print?
-Are these originally cut with scissors? Or is this a characteristic of photographic paper production?

-if the edges are similar cut all around, does it mean it is a post-ww2 print?

gr. Jarno Boer

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