List of Fibels

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Re: List of Fibels

Post by jbaum » 26 Apr 2020 19:11

If someone has a Sandkasten Fibel to lend (or scan for me), I'm looking for one to translate (if it's interesting enough to be worth doing once I see it). Let me know.

I already have the Pioniere Fibel translated, and have the Kavallerie Fibel on the way.

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Re: List of Fibels

Post by Natter » 03 May 2020 20:31

I also have these, to add to the list:

Flum-6 Flugmeldedienst Heft 6 - Würzburg-Fibel I
Flum-7 Flugmeldedienst Heft 7 - Würzburg-Fibel II
Flum-8 Flugmeldedienst Heft 8 - Freya-Fibel
Flum-11 Fibel FuG 200 für den Funkwart und Bordfunkmechaniker (1944)

Ka.F. Küstenartillerie Fibel (1934)

Luftwaffen-Fibel des deutschen Jungen (1943)

Pionier-Fibel Teil II - Angewandter Pionierdienst - Sprengen-Sperren-šbersetzen-Behelsbrckenbau

Wpf.Fi. Wehrpflicht Fibel (1935)

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