The King Is Still In London

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The King Is Still In London

Postby Potsdamerplatz » 30 Jul 2006 10:58

Does anyone have the complete lyrics to this popular British World II song "THE KING IS STILL IN LONDON" by Billy Cotton And His Band?

Here is the only part I know:

In London, In London
The King is still in London town
Until London bridge comes falling down

The song was written in honour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth who decided to stay in London at Buckingham Palace during the Blitz rather than relocate to a safer location.

I have tried looking everywhere for the lyrics but without success. The above part of the song is often used in episodes of "Dad's Army"

Perhaps some of the older members like Brian Ross or Edward N. Kelly might be able to help? :wink:

Best regards,


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Re: The King Is Still In London

Postby ktkat1949 » 09 Apr 2017 16:10

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