Charite at War Netflix series

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Charite at War Netflix series

Post by ihoyos » 19 Jun 2019 12:00

This mini serie 5 chapters ( do not confuse with large series movies Charite)
Based in Berlin Hospitals 1943.
Great exterior and interiors.
Great trama, they says real life based
I recommended this to WWII movie lovers.
My only objection about this movie series, and I think some scnenes were made with specific purpose, to transmite the idea that every body suffer equal during war shortages and calamities in similar way. Magda Goebels is hospitalized in woman hospital, and placed and have to share room with another woman ( the protagonist). I doubt that if ever Magda Goebels need be hospitalized , don't get individual and personal room, even during worst era of war. Also Magda says something about ration coupons. I doubt also that Martha ever used ration coupons.
But in general terms very goos series.

Felix C
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Re: Charite at War Netflix series

Post by Felix C » 20 Jun 2019 00:13

Thanks for the headsup. Watching now. Up to Episode 3. Christmas 1943. Interesting with both good and bad characters. Just regular people mostly.

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