Best War Movie Ever

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Paul Lakowski
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Re: Best War Movie Ever

Post by Paul Lakowski » 18 Feb 2020 21:51

just saw DARKEST HOUR with Gary Oldham as Churchill.

This movie showed how perilously close Britain came to defeat HMG WAR-CABINET political decision away!!!! Once it became obvious the people were willing to fight on to the end , the political opposition to Churchill evaporated.

This movie also highlights how little American president Roosevelt could do to help Churchill , due to congressional laws. This also hints at why the Franch collapsed so quickly and possibly how that could have been avoided.

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Re: Best War Movie Ever

Post by Sakole » 23 Mar 2020 12:02

I loved Darkest Hour, very strong movie and Gary Oldman is the best in my opinion!

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Re: Best War Movie Ever

Post by Nachrichten9936 » 24 Mar 2020 23:17

My vote goes to the Australian movie "Breaker Morant.' It deals with issues related to the British-led insurgency against Boer insurgents in South Africa around the turn of the 19th century.

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