Realistic PC game - invasion of France 1940?

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Post by Xaviel » 17 Nov 2005 02:17

leandros wrote:
Xaviel wrote:Unfortunately the early years of the war are often neglected in most WWII games. However, I do agree with George Lerner in that Hearts of Iron II thoroughly covers every period of the war. It's not your typical strategy game either. There's no micromanagement, but rather, division-level management or even army level. I played as France and sucessfully repelled the German attack through Belgium.

What about management of air assets?

Yes, Hearts of Iron II includes various degrees of air force development, 1936-1947. You can create wings of fighters and bombers, but their strength can be diminished depending on the strength of the enemy air force or the development of their anti-air batteries in a certain province. The game does not include "terror bombing" however, but focuses more on military type air strikes such as strategic bombing and close air support.

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Post by fredleander » 10 Dec 2005 13:53

Zimmerman wrote:You could try the Operational Art of War and download a user-made scenario at the Wargamer.

After finally being able to acquire an older version of the TOAW I found to my surprise that it seems the Hawk 75 was not in the FAF inventory in the France '40 scenario.

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Re: Realistic PC game - invasion of France 1940?

Post by David W » 08 Jun 2020 15:09

How about the same question, with 2020 answers please!

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Re: Realistic PC game - invasion of France 1940?

Post by Vegeir » 30 Jun 2020 22:21

I know the OP isn't looking for a shooter, but if anyone else is interested, last year Post Scriptum got a Battle of France expansion called "Plan Jaune", which looks pretty cool. Hoping that Enlisted will get one too after release.


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