The Dirty Dozen to be remade in 2007

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Post by reichpilot » 15 Dec 2006 14:52

gavmeister13 wrote:Is Hollywood incapable of coming up with anything new? <rolls eyes and sighs>

My thoughts EXACTLY! Are all people with creativity dead? I waiting for Jaws will be remade, as well as all 37 of the Rocky movies. Makes me sick! :( So many great subjects that could be covered. War, social issues, love, someone must have some fresh ideas. I do! I'd like to see a movie made that showed the war through the eyes of the typical, non-famous German family. Some have been made about U.S. families, but nobody was blowing up U.S. towns at the time. I've seen some on British families too, and they were having their towns blown up. I think if done properly, it could be a good film. God forbid someone would make a movie about the era Germans and make them humans. Just an idea. (I want the right for the idea!)


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Rolf-Gunter Kolb
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Post by Rolf-Gunter Kolb » 29 Jan 2007 22:05

It would be interesting to see a re-make of this fine movie. However, I feel exactly like Fallschirmjager feels about the great actors from long ago. Not much new talent to replace "The Old Guard."

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Re: The Dirty Dozen to be remade in 2007

Post by von thoma » 13 Jun 2019 03:15

There will be a new slaughter in the castle ? It will again go unpunished as war crime ? ( By killing cruelly to German officers and civilians,
trapped in a basement, with grenades and gasoline )
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