Worst War Movies?

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Wat Tyler
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Re: Worst War Movies?

Post by Wat Tyler » 28 May 2021 18:14

I recently watched "Oasis of the Zombies" . With a title like that it's obviously not an actual war movie but the plot starts in 1943 in the North African desert and includes a battle scene. The plot ( what little there is) is about a group of allied soldiers attacking a German column that is for some reason transporting a shipment of gold. After the battle which has only one survivor the film shifts to the 1970's and a plan to retrieve the gold only to find it guarded by zombies.
I watched the film after a comment on facebook that it contained an Archer SPG . It did although in this case operated by the Afica Korps along with a couple of wheeled armoured personnel carriers in some sort of three colour camo that i don't fully recognise and a six wheeled lorry that may be french(?) . The battle scene for what it 's worth was the usual spraying around of submachine guns with bottomless magazines and even one bit where two soldiers appeared to play catch with a hand grenade before throwing it at the Germans. Sadly the film's budget didn't seem to extend to any ammunition for the Archer which just served as an object for someone to be shot off.
If anyone is interested the column and battle scene is between around 13 -20 minutes

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Re: Worst War Movies?

Post by OpanaPointer » 28 May 2021 19:24

T. A. Gardner wrote:
20 May 2020 02:21
Pearl Harbor tops my list. It was absolutely wretched. U-571 is another idiotic waste of time.

I can stand for a war movie to take liberties with the storyline to make it more compelling or for it to work on the movie screen. I find it acceptable that at the time it was made certain things had to be compromised to even make the movie, or that the script writers were working with limited historical information.

Fury has issues because it's so cliché. Everything from the ugly Americans, to the five Shermans versus a Tiger and beyond. That made it a poor movie. But any movie where it's little more than a string of clichés is bad unless it is intended as a parody or dark humor.

Now, if you just want bad, really bad, there's Zone Troopers which is hideous as a WW 2 - sci fi combination


This one will make you gag on so many levels it hurts... It starts at about 31 minutes in the linked video.
I got banned from the Pearl Harbor movie board. Having spent thirty plus years of my life studying that raid made me a bit ... grumpy ... with the movie.
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Re: Worst War Movies?

Post by T. A. Gardner » 28 May 2021 20:50

OpanaPointer wrote:
28 May 2021 19:24
I got banned from the Pearl Harbor movie board. Having spent thirty plus years of my life studying that raid made me a bit ... grumpy ... with the movie.
It's bad when a movie with the budget it had can't even draw an accurate Japanese bomb in CGI... How hard is that to look up and do?

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Re: Worst War Movies?

Post by Hans1906 » 02 Jun 2021 14:07

Watched the american War/Horror movie "Operation: Overlord" for a second time a few days ago, latenight german "bullshit" TV channel Tele5.

All the nasty "Clichés" about the german Nazis are completely covered, up to over the top.
What a waste of time, energy and money, a real "Scheissfilm", period. :lol:


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