Redux Battle of Melitopol Oct 1943

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Redux Battle of Melitopol Oct 1943

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Tactical Simulation game Advanced Squad Leader scenario Concept:
Beyond Valor Module components - play tested scenario- not officially published

Scenario Title Mixed bag at Melitopol Oct 23, 1943
Map Board 59 Hexrow A West Hexrow GG East
Board 22 Hexrow A West Hexros GG east
Hexes # 1 North
Victory Conditions ; Russians Win if they have control of any one bridge and one building location west of that bridge. AFV crews may not voluntarily abandon vehicles.
Balance: German Player exchange one 8-0 Leader for 8-1 or exchange one MMG for one HMG and add one trench counter
Russian Player add one 8-0 Leader to OB and add one ATR Anti Tank Rifle
German Setup First
Russian Move First Turn # 1 2 3 4 5
Elements of German 6th Army setup as indicated Map Board 59-22 ELR 4 SAN 4
Setup Hexrow AA to east side River 8-0 x 2 447 436 x 6 LMG x 2 Panzerschreck x 1
37LFlak Crew 37LAT Crew 81 mm Mortar crew
Security elements must setup in Pill Box Counters 2-2-8 x 2 MMG x 2
Pill Box Trench 1-5-7 Map Board 59
Pill Box Trench 1-3-5 Map Board 22
Garrison Elements setup B22 Hex K 10 9-1 838 DC LMG HEX J 9 Opel BLitz FT
Hex H6 Opel BLitz HMG Hex H4 8-1 467 anywhere in building Hex D3 SPW 251 Hex C3 548 LMG
Hex I 3 German Player choose one of Following: StuGIIIG PZJG Tiger 88LL PZJG II/IV Pz AIII/IV 150mmSPA
Fortifications: B59 Pillbox /Trench 1-5-7 B22 Pill Box Trench 1-3-5
Wire x 5 AT Ditch x2 Fortified Building Loc x 1
Reinforcements: Panzer Strike Group enter on after Turn 1 B 22 Hex GG1 PZVD Panther SPW251 10-3 838 DC LMG FT

Elements Russian 4th Ukrainian Front Enter on after Turn 1 East edge B59-B22 ELR 3 SAN 4
Each Group must enter as given, after map entry groups may be reorganized
Russian Player may choose which group enters first and which groups follow
1. T34 M41 x 3 must enter in vehicle platoon order 7-0 527 x 3 LMG DC may enter as riders
2.ZIS 5 x 4 9-2 426 x 8 HMG ATR all must enter as passengers
3. BA 6 x 4 must enter in vehicle platoon order
4.KV 1 M42 IAG 6 obr 38 152 mmART 2-2-8 x 2 MMG
5. 9-0 426 x 14 ATR 50 mm mortar x2
SSR: 1. EC are moderate with no wind at start
2.Rooftop rules are in play
3.Germans may fortify one Building Loc
4. PF Range is ONE HEX
Aftermath: The Russian Advance toward Melitopol was stalled by German Artillery and MG FIre covering the roads. After weeks of costly battle General Tolbukhin was authorized to use Stavka High Command reserves to decide the issue.

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