Steel Division 2 Eastern front game

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Steel Division 2 Eastern front game

Post by steppewolf » 10 Jul 2019 08:43

I'd like to recommend a new WW2 themed game, Steel Division 2: ... 1_5_100010_

IMHO at this moment is the best WW2 RTS, very carefully researched from historical perspective depicting in single player Soviet Operation Bagration and few of its local battles while in multiplayer one can use a big variety of divisions of Axis like 5th Panzer, Panzer Lehr, 78 Sturm, 1. Lovas Hungarian or Allied like 3rd US Armored, 15th Scottish division, 9th Soviet Cossack Corps, 2nd Guards Tank Corps, 26th Guards Rifle Division and many others.

Game have hundreds of different units, long and difficult eplayable campaigns, beautiful maps and animations depicting the vastness of Eastern front Also it has a steep learning curve and is a game you have to actually take the time to learn to play, but you can still have a great deal of fun even if you're not a master strategist.I was very much pleased by the great deal of attentiveness to historical accuracy (perhaps more so than any other WWII strategy game).

Here is a video showing strategic and tactical level:

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