Hearts of Iron 4 Project Help Needed

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Hearts of Iron 4 Project Help Needed

Post by The Norwegian Guy » 16 Nov 2019 20:30

Hello. I am working on a project for Hearts of Iron 4, introducing extra vehicles, here is some examples Image

What i need information on is what kinda vehicles was used in certain type of units:
  • Panzergrenadier-Regiment - Only 251/1? Or 251/x as well? I thought other 251 type vehicles would serve in respective units which fits with its purpose.
  • Pionier-Battalion/Panzer-Pionier Abteilung - Same issue.
  • Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment - Here, what type of vehicles would serve here? Except Artillery vehicles? Halftracks as well?
I am aware that in reality, a lot of the halftracks which didn't exist would be replaced with trucks.

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