Arte: Das Rote Imperium / The Red Empire (2022)

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Arte: Das Rote Imperium / The Red Empire (2022)

Post by Hans1906 » 02 Nov 2022 16:15

Another new 3-Part-Documentary on Arte:

Das Rote Imperium / The Red Empire
1922 was the birth year of the Soviet Union. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Transcaucasia united to form the USSR. A completely new state structure arose. First, the backward agricultural country needed electricity and industry. Stalin pushed the forced collectivization of the peasants and rigorous industrialization. The price was high...
Link to Part 1/3: ... erium-1-3/

A german MDR (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk) production from 2022, 160 minutes, exceptionally good, shocking, badass, worth seeing!

P.S. You should send "that" to a criminal like Putin in his powerful dreams, every night, the man understands the German language...
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