Bertolt Brecht - Flüchtlingsgespräche ZDF 2022

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Bertolt Brecht - Flüchtlingsgespräche ZDF 2022

Post by Hans1906 » 12 Nov 2022 23:57

New docu on Arte:

Bertolt Brecht - Flüchtlingsgespräche / Bertolt Brecht - Refugee Talks
Was bedeuten Flucht und Vertreibung in ihrer persönlichen Auswirkung für die Betroffenen? Das hat der deutsche Dichter und Theatermacher Bertolt Brecht in seiner unschlagbar humorvollen Weise in den "Flüchtlingsgesprächen" beschrieben. Die Doku verfolgt die Entstehungsgeschichte dieses autobiografischen Schlüsseltextes entlang der Exilstationen des weltberühmten Dramatikers.

What do flight and expulsion mean in terms of their personal impact on those affected? The German poet and theater maker Bertolt Brecht described this in his unbeatably humorous way in the "Refugee Talks". The documentary follows the genesis of this autobiographical key text along the exile stations of the world-famous playwright
2022 ZDF Docu: ... espraeche/

Bertolt Brecht

It is my endeavor to present you with an alternative film events from Germany and Europe, unfortunately I can't do more.
Unfortunately, German TV is overflowing with recurring repetitions about the Nazis and the SS, Brecht is more of an exception.

* I remember the sentence from my childhood years:
"You can eat everything, but you can't know everything!"
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The paradise of the successful lends itself perfectly to a hell for the unsuccessful. (Bertold Brecht on Hollywood)

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