Narben des Krieges / Scars Of War (Arte F 2021)

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Narben des Krieges / Scars Of War (Arte F 2021)

Post by Hans1906 » 15 Nov 2022 15:08

Narben des Krieges / Scars Of War (Arte F 2021)
There is no armed conflict without ruins and destruction - ruins have become a symbol of war. What does it mean to have to live in the midst of rubble and ashes? How are ruins of war used for political purposes? The film tries to find answers to this by looking at the devastating consequences of three armed conflicts...
Link to Arte: ... s-krieges/ (52 Minutes)

* I remember the statements of an American crew member of a bomber, in another documentary, who visited Berlin shortly after 1945, the man was speechless at the destruction there, the man wept.

„Im Leben gibt’s die Bösen und die Guten. Und die dazwischen, das sind die Bagaluten.“

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