Berlin 1933 – Tagebuch einer Großstadt /Two-Part Documentary 2022

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Berlin 1933 – Tagebuch einer Großstadt /Two-Part Documentary 2022

Post by Hans1906 » 25 Jan 2023 13:17

A new RBB documentary on Arte:

Berlin 1933 - Tagebuch einer Großstadt / Berlin 1933 - diary of a big city
Berlin, the vibrant metropolis of the Weimar Republic, became the capital of the Third Reich in just a few months in 1933. The events of the year are told from the perspective of the contemporaries. The basis are diaries and letters, pictures and films. A collage about the end of a democracy and the beginning of a dictatorship, past and present at the same time...
Link to Arte: ... rossstadt/

Excellent, 180+ minutes in two parts, stunning picture material, a must-see!

You can probably also find it on YouTube, please take a look for yourself...

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