Stalingrad – Die Schlacht, die niemals endet

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Stalingrad – Die Schlacht, die niemals endet

Post by Hans1906 » 30 Jan 2023 18:24

Stalingrad – Die Schlacht, die niemals endet / Stalingrad - The battle that never ends
The memory of the costly battle shaped an entire generation on the German and Russian side. How did dying on the Volga become a myth after the end of World War II? "ZDF-History" goes in search of clues...

Link to the ZDF docu: ... t-100.html

As a German TV viewer you are almost tired on this topic, but a childhood friend of my grandfather served as a captain in the Wehrmacht in Stalingrad.

A lifelong family friendship, very warm, very connected, a long history, only partially written down...

* You don't have to have see all of these documentaries, there are too many. But these give an impression of a merciless war of annihilation.

But everything repeats itself, we haven't learned anything.

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