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Panzer general
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WW II games

Post by Panzer general » 29 May 2002 22:48

I like to play (strategic) ww II games. Like Panzer general 1,2,3 and medal of honor.

My question is does anyone know more games like these?

Oke I hope that this is not a strange question in this forum :wink:

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Erik E
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Post by Erik E » 29 May 2002 22:51

This topic belongs in the "what if & fiction"......

Anyway, have you tried "Sudden strike" ?


Panzer general
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sudden strike forever

Post by Panzer general » 29 May 2002 23:01

Yeps i play that too. Good game. And also Wolfenstein 3d.
But im looking for some more :wink:

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Daniel S.
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Close Combat

Post by Daniel S. » 29 May 2002 23:42

Well,my favorite is Close Combat 4,although someone said the best would
be 3 and 5 series.Anyway the units involved in the Battle of the Bulge(CC4)are more powerfull that those from the Invasion of Normandy(CC5) and I'm refering especially to the armoured divisions.In CC4 you have 1st
LeibStandarte SS Adolf Hitler Panzer Division,12th Hitlerjugend SS Division,Panzer Lehr Division,116th Panzer Division and 2nd Panzer Division and these are just the armoured divisions.And if you want something REAL this game is real as it gets!


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Post by Caldric » 30 May 2002 01:05

Matrix just released a great game called Uncommon Valor: War in the SOuth Pacific. It is operational warfare and very detailed, sharp learning curve. Best I have seen in few years.


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Post by T.R.Searle » 30 May 2002 01:56

for naval games "Silent Hunter II" is great and i hear "Destroyer Command" is also a good game. As for land games "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and "Medal of Honor Allied Assult" is said to be very good. I am getting it in a few days.It also has the StG 44 in it which is in very few games.

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Antti V
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Post by Antti V » 30 May 2002 14:21

IL-2 (flying simulation), The Operational Art Of War 1 (strategy game, division scale. Barbarossa scenario for it is HUGE), Gary Grisby´s games like War In Russia, Pacific War etc. (that man is crazy, in positive way! :) ). Also European Air War is great game.

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Juha Hujanen
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Post by Juha Hujanen » 30 May 2002 14:42

I really like Steel Panthers series and Combat Mission.

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Campaign Series

Post by Petho » 30 May 2002 15:43

Campaign Series is the only way to go. World at War is an excellent complilation that combines most of the series in one box for a reasonable price.

Turn based, WW2 (West Front, East Front and Pacific areas), 250metre hexes, scenarios vary in size from company to corps engagements. Good for playing against the computer opponent but a brilliant game versus a human opponent, either online of pbem.

You can find numerous opponents at http://www.theblitz.org

Take a look! And enjoy.

Take care and good luck
Jason Petho

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New games coming out...

Post by MVSNConsolegenerale » 30 May 2002 17:09

There are actually several games coming out that I'm looking foreward to, these are in no particular order.

1) Hearts of Iron (someone here actually told me about it and I checked it out, if it is anything like europa universalis then it will be amazing; as in THE best ww2 game of all time. http://www.paradoxplaza.com/hearts.asp

2) 1914: The Great War (Looks interesting...they could easily screw the whole thing up though.http://www.gamespy.com/e32002/pc/1914/

3) Battlefield 1942 (again, looks interesting but they could really screw it up.)http://www.wargamer.com/articles/battle ... 2_main.asp

As for return to castle wolfenstein, I thought it had a tremendous potential but something about it just wasn't....right....

allied assult is apparently supposed to be good, but I hate those euro game boxes they are selling everything in now (no offense to those from europe), I like my north american blatant waste of space and resourses...in fact I spent an extra 15 dollars to get the wolfenstein metal case! anyways, if you check out anything...check out hearts of iron... I bought europa universalis II to see what kind of engine it would use since it is supposed to be similar and I actually got hooked on that game, interesting since I hate the time period it takes place in.
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Christian Ankerstjerne
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Post by Christian Ankerstjerne » 30 May 2002 19:06

I'm with Panzer General II as well...


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Post by IIJG26 » 31 May 2002 05:21


Panzer General 3D assault is a good addition to the line also.


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Post by subskipper » 31 May 2002 11:50

For those of you with an interest in the Pacific war, check out the above mentioned Uncommon Valor from Matrix Games. The best wargame since Combat Mission IMO.

~Henric Edwards

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WW 2 strategic games

Post by Galahad » 31 May 2002 15:40

Are you only interested in computer games? If you also like board games, there's a HUGE number of truly detailed ones out there, on just about every topic you can name, and at many different levels of detail, accuracy and complexity.

An example is the old SPI War in Europe simulation, that recreated WW2 in Europe and North Africa on the strategic/operational level, with weekly turns, 50+ square feet of map area (PLUS charts, tables and graphs), thousands of unit counters, and HUGE rules books. It does, however, take a LONG time to play, even using 5 or 6 person teams for each side.

One that's both accurate and fun (especially for the German player) was originally produced by SPI and then brought out by Avalon Hill: Panzer Gruppe Guderian. It's an operational level sim. And it's playable in a reasonable amount of time.

Many will be out of print, but you can find copies in places like E Bay, or through wargames specialty stores. And there are lots of games that ARE in print. Do a google.com search under topics such as wargames or conflict simulations.

If you don't mind something ahistoric so far as computer games go, get a copy of Axis & Allies, and/or the additions to it. It's not history, but it can be a lot of fun, without being overly complicated.

If you want historicity and detail in the computer game line, then Gary Grigsby's War In Russia, War in the West, and War in the Pacific are what you're looking for. They are old, but so far there's nothing else like them. Fair warning, to play a complete campaign game of any of them will take you about as long as the original campaigns. <g>

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Post by Klinsmann » 31 May 2002 20:02

Right now, im playing a lot of Panzer General 2.
Very fun :D


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