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Post by fredleander » 11 Dec 2004 00:31

"Tungtvannsaksjonen" - the Norwegian, orginal "Heroes of Telemark" movie. Very accurately telling the real story of the "Heavy Water Action" - one of the most exciting operations in WWII. Many of the actors were actual members of the commando unit that performed the raid.

The Finnish "Unknown Soldier" (do not know the original title) after the book by Vainø Linna (I think).

"Shetlands-gjengen" - the story of the Norwegian fishing boat unit that supplied the Norwegian resistance fighters from the base in Scotland - and brought refugees back. A true story featuring, among others, "Shetlands-Larsen" himself - Norway's most decorated navy officer.

Full Metal Jacket - I have used the ambush scene from the factory for instructional purposes.

Apocalypse Now - the essential movie to see when you are blasted.

Thin Red Line - exquisite footage of how to handle the Garand in close combat. I was very impressed on how the bunker attack scene was made.

Battle of Britain - a last grand effort to assemble surviving planes from WWII. Among others, Spanish air force Me109 and He111's, were used.

Zulu - grand style!

Catch 22 - one of the greatest!

M.A.S.H. - for the sheer humour - which there is a lot of in war.

The English Patient - for its mystery and quiet tone.

Lawrence of Arabia - an epic of the ultimate treason - against the Arabs!

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Post by knieptang » 11 Dec 2004 20:49

Another movie I would like to recommend to the users of the forum:



More information on this movie is to find via search-engines, I have seen the movie three times in the TV (uncut version), a movie I will never forget.

Regards / Michael

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Post by knieptang » 11 Dec 2004 22:16

One picture from "Come And See" and a few quotes:

Klimov’s impressionistic treatment of events is heightened by the cacophonous soundtrack, which mixes Mozart with gunfire, screaming, and an incessant post-explosion ringing. But the real terror is in the characters’ faces as the camera lets reactions and glances carry the weight of the story in extended close-ups. Merciless in its representation of genocide, COME AND SEE is a mesmerizing portrayal of humanity’s darker side.

"Klimov’s masterly work is unmistakably among the more harrowing films ever made in the genre and has no rival as the most apocalyptic work of postwar Soviet cinema." – Elliot Stein

"What I saw will stay with me forever. It is a masterpiece not only of filmmaking but of humanity itself." – Sean Penn

"The best war movie I’ve ever seen." – J. G. Ballard
As I wrote before, you see this film one time, and you will never forget it...

Regards / Michael

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Post by Agadanik » 12 Dec 2004 07:13

Two superb Russian films from the late 1950's:
(both available on Criterion DVD, great quality)

and an extraordinary Polish film about the 1944 Warsaw Uprising

These films were approx. 10-12 years after the end of the WW2 and they seem to me much more authentic than later works, no matter how well staged. All three are superb artistically.

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Post by Tobi » 20 Dec 2004 02:10

In my oppinion, "the longest day", this old black and white film is best ww2 movie. Also "the bridge of arnheim". This are the only two films, made in hollywood, where there is not the brave brave american and the german who are running away with their companies, when a group of 5 american came! Also i liked "steiner, Das eiserne kreuz"

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Post by rick vb » 21 Dec 2004 04:31

I think that Band of Brothers is the best

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Post by Dieter » 21 Dec 2004 19:25

My picks:

World War I:
All Quiet On The Western Front (1930)

World War II:

Empire Of The Sun
Saving Private Ryan
Schindler's List
Double-Headed Eagle (documentary)
Guns Of Navarone ("farbyism" allowable due to good script)

and just for shitz'n'giggles:
Raid on Rommel
Breakthrough (a.k.a. "Cross Of Iron II")

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Post by knieptang » 25 Dec 2004 03:40

One of these movies is "The Alamo", a true american piece of art, directed by the "Duke" John Wayne.

Not mostly a correct movie, relating to the historical facts, regarding to John Wayne I can not argue about this movie.

But "Number-One" for me is "The Searchers", also starring John Wayne as Ethan Edwards, a different movie about hate, revenge, and love, to me, the best movie ever made about war movie against native american people... ... arze_falke

Regards Michael

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Post by david Cotton » 25 Dec 2004 22:03

Hello all

I love some of the old ones like Pork Chop Hill , Hell is for Heros and play dirty. They are nice and grity.

However, my top three are

3ed place, cross of Iron
2 ed place, The battle of Britain
1 st place, Saving Private Ryan

Cross of iron is great because it gives the German Troops a bit of respect.
It also has a copuple of really good big battles.

The Battle of Britain is stunning, those air combats are just fantastic.
A lot of the battle of Britain was filmed at Hawkinge near my me in Folkestone. The pill boxes are still there and the pub wthere the home guards paraded is still there at Denton. They have now built on the airfield, so another bit of history has gone foreever

Saving Private Ryan is my favorite, the Ohma scene is just brilient. The authentic look to the equipment and the bleached film give it a great feel.

I meet a guy who claimed he drove the Tiger Tank through the wall in the end scene. Seems they took ages to set the camara shot up, only for him to come crashing thougth the wrong wall. opps.

I am now hoping for some new films to come out with huge battle scenes. Now with computer generated Graphics I am hoping for a massive tank battle film. Kursk would be good.


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Post by BAZ » 27 Dec 2004 21:50

A movie called "The Ogre".
About the local children being "shanghaied" to train at the SS Castle.
Some is far fetched, but I do like the end scenes of the children, uniformed and armed being ordered to fight!!

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Post by Pintos » 28 Dec 2004 03:20

Mmm... I think there's one called "Red Dawn" about the USSR invading US but I can't find it anywhere.

"A bridge too far", "Tears of the sun", "Black Hawk Down" and "The sands of Iwo Jima". Veterans from that battle participated in that movie, in the final scene. There was something I didn't like: When John Wayne is not in the scene, the people are talking about him. But the rest is ok.

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Post by Galahad » 30 Dec 2004 21:02

Just a couple of comments re what General Patton wrote. I got my CIB in Vietnam with the 1st Bde/101st Airborne in 1967, before the rest of the Division arrived in December '67. And I fully agree with his friend from the 506th re We Were Soldiers and Platoon. The first basically just tells the story of the fight, and tells it like firefights were then; no super heroes and no super villains--very un-Hollywood. Platoon is an insult to the combat soldiers.....PC Hollywood to the bloody max, and as untrue to life as it could be.

Likewise, I agree about those opening scenes in Saving Private Ryan. If you've ever had bullets go by your head, you'll never forget the sound.....I cringed the first time I saw the movie, and almost left the theater in a cold sweat.

But I think Hamburger Hill is a very good movie. Not for accuracy so far as the battle went, but because it got the little details, such as language and dress--right. It FELT like a Vietnam movie should.

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Post by waldorf » 30 Dec 2004 22:25

Pintos wrote:
Mmm... I think there's one called "Red Dawn" about the USSR invading US but I can't find it anywhere.
Don't bother about Red Dawn b/c it is a lousy movie. The basic premise is about a group of high school kids calling themselves wolverines who take on Soviet and Cuban forces in guerilla warfare.


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Post by Agadanik » 31 Dec 2004 03:27

Pintos wrote:Mmm... I think there's one called "Red Dawn" about the USSR invading US but I can't find it anywhere.
As Waldorf says, "Red Dawn" sucks. Big time. You're lucky not to find it.
"Tears of the sun".
If you liked "Tears of the Sun", you'd L-O-V-E the original on which it loosely based - a British film called "Dark of the Sun", also known as "The Mercenaries", or "Last Train From Katanga". Made in 1968 uring the Congo wars, it was way ahead of its time - tough, gritty, riveting. Rod Taylor (probably his best action role ever) is a mercenary leader who tries to bring a load of diamonds and some white settlers out of Katanga while the whole country is aflame with the Simba rebellion. Peter Carsten plays the obligatory psycho-Nazi with a chainsaw, football star Jim Brown flexes muscles and displays unshakeable loyalty, Yvette Mimieux is the object of desire. I believe they don't show it on TV anymore because it really isn't acceptable by today's political correctness standards. Great action/war flick - WOW!
Unfortunately, no DVD. VHS can be found, but quite expensive. Rent it if you can. Enjoy!

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Post by Pintos » 01 Jan 2005 05:48

Ah, ok... I read some reviews about Red Dawn after your replies and they all say the same. The local blockbuster doesn't have it anyway.

About "The mercenaries"; I tried to find it in the shop I always go to but they don't have it. I'm starting to think that they don't have anything. Last satruday I tried to rent "Enemy at the Gate" but they don't have it. A day or two ago tried to get some Bob Hope movies but they don't even know who Bob Hope is.

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