North Minehead Bi-election

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Jeff O
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North Minehead Bi-election

Post by Jeff O » 24 Aug 2002 08:57

Any thoughts on Monty Pythons take on HiLTer?

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Post by DarExc » 10 Sep 2002 06:09

It was boring but I liked the reactions of the people on the streets when he rode by on the bike shouting and playing the national anthem. I think those people didn't know what was going on.

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Mr. Hilter

Post by HPL2008 » 13 Sep 2002 23:16

As a matter of fact, I always thought this was one of Monty Pythons best sketches ever. Especially John Cleese's pseudo-German gibberish speech from that balcony: Ranks up there with Charlie Chaplin's speeches from "The Great Dictator"! And who could forget Michael Palin's Himmler, dressed in full SS uniform, hiding under the clever pseudonym of "Heimlich Bimmler" and, in the broadest German accent, rattling off his fake cover-story biography as a "retired window cleaner and pacifist" "from Peterborough, Lincolnshire" with a little unintentional give-away at the end: "...and was head of the Gestapo for ten years." Great stuff!

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