Day of Defeat anyone?

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Day of Defeat anyone?

Post by MarcosKtulu » 25 Mar 2002 18:07

Check this ww2-based multiplayer tactical first person shooter.

Great game. Best of all is that it´s free. (Although you need Half-life in order to play it).
Give it a check.

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Way To Go Marcus!

Post by BoMuS » 25 Mar 2002 18:16

Yeah Guys, If You haven't played this Mod Yet. Give It a Try It's Really Excellent.


Tolga Alkan
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Post by Tolga Alkan » 25 Mar 2002 20:31

I have played it with my friends in multiplayer.Looks good but maps are very small for us.

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Day of Defeat

Post by kobold » 29 Mar 2002 21:42

yep its a very good game.

I havent played it for a while but when i did play there was a lot of cheating going on,.

I agree larger maps would be even better as soe feel a little small.

And for some reason, if you choose sniper, and hide yourself somewhere, people flame you for "camping".

I wasnt aware that snipers were supposed run around like the rest of them!


i have trouble with my hands now so i cant play these games anymore-at lost not with any great skill. :(


best maps for me were the railway yard (Koln), and the french one with the underpass-great sniping spots ...

and there is a secret room in the hotel with the gramophone playing german music.

worst map: The beach assault one - it lags so much on my poor celeron 400 i have to remain in the rear german area sniping from the top of the gun emplacement .

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Post by GoLiAtH » 31 Mar 2002 18:43

I play DoD very often. It's pretty cool and kinda more realistic than other games (although I haven't played Medal of Honour yet).
I think those guys who always cry, because someone "camps" didnt get the point. I mean this is war and snipers at the front would be quite unrealistic and stupid.

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Post by Rommel » 01 Apr 2002 01:35

what about Panzer General...that is a great strategy game

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