I'm looking for the dvd version of ...

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I'm looking for the dvd version of ...

Post by kobold » 08 Sep 2002 01:43

the game Schizm - this is a Myst/Riven type adventure/puzzle game.

It has been released on dvd and another version-cut down -r eleased on 5 cd roms.

All the british shops seem to have the lame ass cd rom versions.
None of them have heard of the dvd version, even though the game was written specifically for DVD in the first place.

So if anyone knows where I can buy it in the UK on DVD please let me know.


The ineptutude of pc shop staff these days is remarkable.

(I worked in a computer shop for some time and we would have been sacked for not being on the ball all the time-it was run by computer users, unlike most of todays pc shops :) ).

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