Das Boot (1981) soundtrack

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Post by Ordnancebob » 21 Jan 2007 18:56

"Cross of Iron" is or was available on CD a couple of years ago,maybe two or three. Artemis label,Ernest Gold Film music Vol 3. Yes I have it

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Post by SoylentGrün » 28 Jan 2007 02:38

I've got that cd. They issued it in tandem with the director's cut several years ago. It was nice to replace my lousy cassette from Atlantic Records(ironically?) bought in 1981.

It's fantastic and includes the period music as well(Mon Gar, for example). They also threw in a few tracks of score with dialogue and effects. The track 'Angriff' with the fx is a stunner with headphones!.

I have it in mp3 already and can zip or rar it into one file and host it at rapidshare.com if you and anyone else here would be interested.

Nothing could contribute more to my Kraft durch Freude, than to share this great music with fellow fans.

Let me know.


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Post by Potsdamerplatz » 28 Jan 2007 04:12

Thank you for your very kind offer SoylentGrün. I would also definitely be interested in adding "Das Boot" to my collection.

Best regards.

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Rolf-Gunter Kolb
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Post by Rolf-Gunter Kolb » 29 Jan 2007 21:30

hellmanofthehammerforce wrote: I've got a vinyl copy, if you're stuck let me know and I'll try to digitise it on the pc (I've got an interface that lets you do this). Never seen it on CD, altho someone's bootlegged Cross of Iron at some point.
Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that there indeed is a CD with Das Boot on it as ell as the themes from many other war movies. I have this CD and do listen to it once in a while. If I recall, most or all of the music is played by the a Polish Orchestra and is absolutely well done renditions of all the themes.

Off hand, here is a small list of what I can think of, of the themes from movies that are on this CD:

The Longest Day.
Das Boot.
The Great Escape.
Where Eagles Dare.
The Guns Of Navarone.
The Battle of Britain and several more.

I do not recall who produced these but, I think Rhino music, were the ones who distributed the CD.

I hope this is of some help for you. - Rolf.

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Post by new2this » 06 Feb 2007 06:14


I don't have any of the actual soundtracks, but you can get some of the more famous tunes here. He's got at least a midi and an mp3 for almost all of them. I love Das Boot so much I downloaded the ringtone for my phone :-D

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Post by contactwaitout » 06 Feb 2007 10:24

Thanks for that link.

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