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Helly Angel
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Last Rebels

Post by Helly Angel » 21 Sep 2002 06:41

Last week I saw the film "The Last Rebels" about the teenegers who danced Swing and Mood in hidden Clubs in Hamburg in 1939.

Is about the teenegers in the HJ too.

I like this film, my wife told me about a very very soft Nazi Heroic View in this film. This film was producers by Walt Disney Studios

Did you see this?

What Do you think?


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Swing Kids?

Post by Durand » 02 Oct 2002 20:49

Hallo H.A.,

I am not certain, but from your description I think the movie you are referring to was released in the U.S. as "Swing Kids." I saw it when it came out 10 or 12 years ago. I remember that I kind of liked it.

I do not recall that it was in any way pro-Nazi. The kids in question really enjoyed swing music and their devotion ran afoul of the Nazi authorities. As a parody and as a way of showing their contempt for the regime they would greet each other with the phrase "Swing Heil!" There were the expected stresses as friends were torn in opposite directions. One or two entered the HJ and the others stayed with the "Swing Scene." In one memorable scene, the who joined the HJ delivered a cardboard box for the local Party to a friend or neighbor's house which contained the ashes of someone who had been arrested by the Gestapo. It has been awhile, so I am not sure of the details. I do remember that Kenneth Branagh played a very convincing Nazi in the film. The sound track was also good.



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