The Sound of the Music

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Helly Angel
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The Sound of the Music

Post by Helly Angel » 26 Sep 2002 03:09


Someone know the REAL history of the family Trapp?

I know the film is fifty fiction and fifty real but... Really they passed the mountains, etc?

Thanks in advance,

Ken Jasper
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Post by Ken Jasper » 26 Sep 2002 03:31

Walking across the mountains as they are shown doing at the end of the film would have actually taken them into Germany!

I don't know their whole story but they ended up living in New England. I remember hearing them in concert when I was a boy in Baltimore, Md, in the mid-1950s.

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Post by Eva » 26 Sep 2002 06:06

They escaped in a freight car. Climb every freight car just didn't make a very good song. :mrgreen: some of what happened in the film is right on, but that mountain would have actually taken them, not only to Germany, but within a short drive of the Berghof. That would hav ebeen bad for them 8) .


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Post by sylvieK4 » 26 Sep 2002 13:48

Here is a link to an earelier thread about the von Trapps. It includes background info, discussion of how they fled, what they did after arriving in the USA, photos of the real family, etc. ... php?t=4756

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