Inter-War Colonial Cap

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Inter-War Colonial Cap

Post by taltos » 21 Apr 2010 09:18

Hello everyone,

I am watching a show about Hitler on the military channel, and they just showed a video of Hitler at a parade early in his leadership of the NSDAP. The officer next to him was wearing a feldgrau uniform with a colonial type cap similar to the one in the first photo of the following link. My question is whether or not this was an Inter-War era cap or not? I know that Germany lost all of its colonies, so would it simply be a former colonial officer who still wanted to wear the cap? ... 31&start=0

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Re: Inter-War Colonial Cap

Post by Peter H » 24 Apr 2010 13:01


Some colonial veterans continued to wear their caps,uniforms for displays,parades,ceremonies etc.

Some photos were posted of Kolonial parades in the 1930s here( ) but the photo links appear to be now broken.

From the Bundesarchiv,Lettow-Vorbeck in 1935.
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