Austro Hungarian Navy

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Austro Hungarian Navy

Postby NeoVisionist » 08 May 2017 01:27

In developing an alternate timeline whereupon Hitler enlists in the Austro Hungarian navy before his mother's death, I'm after a few pertinent facts; I know that the navy was relatively multinational, with Italians especially serving in considerable capacity. Did Austro Hungarian ships ever call into the port of Naples in southern Italy? Did any ships visit the United States or did they stick to the Med? What about the far east? A quick check of Italian websites doesn't reveal much. Officers were required to be multilingual: were English and Italian taught at the Austro Hungarian Naval Academy? Finally, did Austro Hungarian naval intelligence operate in British territories before the first world war?

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Re: Austro Hungarian Navy

Postby James A Pratt III » 14 May 2017 04:04

I know there was a visit to the US by one A-H warship pre WW I but don't know the year This may be in mentioned in Warship international magazine. The KUK navy did have a cruiser in China pre WWI. I would say their ships did visit Naples pre war. Intelligence wise I would say they would mainly be operating in Italy and possibly the Balkans during WW I. There could be an agent or two in British territory. Yes I believe KUK naval officers were taught both English and Italian and other languages.

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