Franz Ferdinand's car

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Re: Franz Ferdinand's car

Post by filigranofil » 30 Nov 2017 21:58

Hello Roman,

you are right, but in second Document is in the first part his majesty thanks to Graf Harrach for donation: "Seine Apost. Majestät...Dank auszusprechen."
His majesty order to incorporate the car into the Museum of Military History in Vienna is only as information for Graf Harrach.

Because of that I put heading: "Kaiser & Königs letter of thank".

It was important message to Graf Harrach: his majesty accepted his donation and thanks for the donation.

More important is, that we have now document about of ownership here on forum and with this document is end of guesswork.


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Re: Franz Ferdinand's car

Post by history1 » 04 Dec 2017 10:15

Hello Darko,

you´re sure right too that his majesty did appreciate and thank for the car. But this is expressed through his Ersten Obersthofmeister who wrote this letter and not by himself as I would expect when reading "Kaiser & Königs letter of thanks" or "Kaiser & König thank-you letter".
But as allways you did an excellent job by finding this documents and finish the guesswork. Thanks, my friend!
BTW, we can assume that Alfred, 2nd Prince of Montenuovo and Grandee of Spain and Count Harrach knew each other quite well. The manor houses/castles of them are only ~ 12km away from each other. And Count Harrach`s castle "Schloß Prugg" only 515m [564yd] away from my flat.
The photo, I took this moment, shows its towers and partly the buildings (behind the snow covered roof).
Best reagrds,
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