Infanterieregiment Freiherr von Loudon Nr.29

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Post by dead-cat » 06 May 2004 06:12

thanx folks, will do so.

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Post by Orok » 06 May 2004 12:14

I sincerely hope your inquiry will come to a success. Please let us know the results. Meanwhile please feel free to ask any questions here and we will do our best to help you!

Best Regards!

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Post by AryTharog » 10 Jun 2021 17:28

Klemen L. wrote:
05 May 2004 17:26
Luckily there also exists the regimental history of IR 61 in the Great War but only until the end of the year of 1917. The full title of the book is:

Andor Kun: "K.u.k. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 61 in Waffen 1914 – 1917"; Temesvár 1918

The book was published shortly after the Karfreit breakthrough and ends there, so it does not include the last battles on the Piave River in 1918. This book is very rare and hard to get today as only a limited number of copies was printed. Due to the courtesy of my friend who does have a copy of it I think I have somewhere scanned index of contents from this book, so if you are interesting you may contact me and I will try to send them to you.

What was your grand-grandfather's name, if I may ask?

Do you still have the copies of the book "61 in Waffen" ? I would be very interested.

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