Oberst Franz Thierry

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Oberst Franz Thierry

Post by IanE » 23 Aug 2022 12:16

I am trying to establish the life dates of Oberst Franz Thierry - Kmdt. Landsturm IR No. 2 between 09 Jul 1915 – 26 Sep 1918. He is lsted as an Oberst in k.k. Schutzen regiment No. 22.

The dates I have, and I am none to confident, are as follows: 30 Sep 1865 - 22 Oct 1918.

Whilst the birth date sounds OK, I am not at all comfortable with the date of death. Joerg Steiner has him still listed as still 'serving' as of 31 Dec 1918.

Can anyone shed some light on his life dates please?


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