Activities of the Austro-Hungarian bicycle units?

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Activities of the Austro-Hungarian bicycle units?

Post by jmajander » 15 Jun 2003 17:24


I have one field postcard sent by an Austro-Hungarian
army soldier at Christmas, 1915. He was in a bicycle
company of a infantry brigade, presumably located
in Austria. On this postcard there is a violet
"Radfahrerrelaistation" military unit cancellation.

Does anybody know what kind of military cyclist
activities would "Radfahrerrelaistation" refer to
in the Austro-Hungarian army during WWI? Literal
translation is "cyclist relay station".

My guess is that this could refer to cyclists playing
a major role in communication, where telephone connections
did not exist. They operated from central radio locations,
pedaling about surrounding areas to deliver information
and orders. Can somebody confirm or deny this?

There is very little information about Austro-Hungarian
bicycle units available anywhere. For example, Jim
Fitzpatrick's book "The Bicycle in Wartime" or Martin
Caidin's "Bicycles in War" do not mention Austro-Hungarian
bicycle units at all.

Any pieces of information will be appreciated.


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