Franz Mahr v. Oraviczabánya

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Franz Mahr v. Oraviczabánya

Post by Markgraf » 11 Aug 2022 10:16


I'm looking a photograph of Oberst Franz Mahr v. Oraviczabánya, the commander of the IR 53. 1912-1914. He extempted from service shortly before the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, due health reasons.

Other infos:
STM I. class 1878, Bosnia, as cadet of IR 61.
Recieved Hungarian nobility in 1910 with title "Oraviczabánya"
Died before 1919.

His son, Jenő became officer in the Kuk Kriegsmarine, KIA 1919.06.26 in fight against the Hungarian Communist riverine forces.

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