An erk about the wearing of Medals

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An erk about the wearing of Medals

Post by Galicia » 26 Aug 2003 06:15

I've always been curious as to why officers wear their medals somehow through the tunic, as the Kaiser does below:

Why on earth did officers, (i.e. the Kaiser), wear their medals hanging from the side of the tunic opening like that? Also, how on earth did they do it? Does anyone know if there were any differences between Officer and EM uniforms besides the fact that Officers had epaulets?

Also, one officer has stripes on his pants. Does that mean anything?
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Post by Glenn2438 » 26 Aug 2003 06:42


The medals worn in the photograph reproduced below at the centre of the tunics are neck orders. Because only one neck order is actually worn suspended around the throat the others are attached further down the tunic usually to a button hole.

The red stripes are those worn by general officers.

The lack of shoulder straps is the easiest way to differentiate an officers' as opposed to an issued tunic as is generally the quality of a privately tailored item. although Landesschützen/Kaiserschützen officers worn special shoulder straps and cavalry, artillery and train officers worn a shoulder cord on the left shoulder. Officers rank stars are embroidered.


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Post by hauptmannn » 26 Aug 2003 10:53

One thing is certain-those men sure know how to get medals!

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