highest ranking muslim in hapsburg empire

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highest ranking muslim in hapsburg empire

Post by Balrog » 05 Sep 2003 17:11

i would like to know who was the highest ranking muslim in the hapsburg empire? ottoman lands fell under control of the austrian empire(bosnia-herzogovina) and i know muslim troops did serve in the austrian ranks.

who were the highest ranking bosnian muslims(or albanians, turks,circassians, for that matter) in the hapsburg military?

ahmed zogu, the future king zog of albania was made a colonel in the hapsburg army to secure the loyalty of his mati tribesman to fight for the empire.( but he was appointed that rank, and didn't work his way up through them)

who were the highest decorated muslims in the empire?

any photos of these men avaliable?

can anyone recommend a book on muslim troops of the hapsburg empire?

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