Deser Landwehr-Infantry Regiment Nr 32-Tudor Istvan

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Deser Landwehr-Infantry Regiment Nr 32-Tudor Istvan

Post by brophy » 20 Jan 2004 15:57

Please could anybody forward me any information on the above Regiment and in particular my grandfather Tudor Istvan who was born in Budapest on 17th March 1894. He is listed in the Hungarian Landwehr (Honved) Schematismus as Tudor Istvan. By 1918 he was a fohadnagy in the Deser Landwehr Infantry Regiment Nr 32. honved gyalogezred having been promoted to that rank on the 1st Sept 1915. He is shown having been awarded the military cross 3rd class with war decoration.
He is still shown as Brunner Istvan Zaszlos or Officer Cadet Istvan Brunner in the same regiment in the 1914 edition so presumably changed his name sometime before 1918.
I would be grateful of any information on my grandfather and the regiment no matter how small.My e-mail address is (work) and (home)

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Post by Orok » 21 Jan 2004 17:21


Here is what little I can dig out:

Honved Infantry Regiment Nr. 32 was under the commander of Honved Infantry Brigade Nr. 40 at the start of war in August 1914. From May 1 to September 1, 1915, two battalions of the regiment were attached to Honved Infantry Brigade Nr. 82 and its regimental machinegun battalion was attached to Infantry Brigade Nr. 12. Then from September 1, 1915 until October 27, 1917, this regiment was again with Honved Infantry Brigade Nr. 40. Starting from October 27, 1917 until the end of the war it was part of Honved Infantry Brigade Nr. 81.

I have no information on the fighting history of the regiment. Presumably if you can find out the history of the brigades it was attached to during the war, you can find out more info on the regiment.

Best Luck in your research!

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