Austro-Hungarian economy

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Post by Gwynn Compton » 03 Feb 2005 22:11

Finally scanned it.

It's a big file since I wanted to preserve the quality of it so you could tell main lines from branch lines.

The thicker more visable red lines are main lines, the thinner less visable lines are branch lines.

From Nelson's Map Book of the World Wide War, England, 1916

I also apologise for the little bit at the top of the map that's been cut and pasted into place, since the map covers two pages the top of Austria was lost and thus I had to try and stick it back on accurately.

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Hew Strachan mentions that prior to 1914 Hungary had supplied 85% of Austria's wheat and cattle "but in 1914 Hungary closed its frontier with Austria and ceased to regard its food as a common resource,preferring to sell its surplus to Germany and to the Army.By 1917 Austrian imports of cereals and flour from Hungary were 2.5 per cent of their 1913 total"(The First World War)

Such are the perils of a Dual monarchy.

In 1917 a common Empire food agency was established under General Ottokar Landwehr von Pragenau but "he lacked full executive powers,especially in Hungary".

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