Help needed on A-H OOB of First Isonzo

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Help needed on A-H OOB of First Isonzo

Post by Orok » 22 Mar 2004 22:40

Hi all,

I would like to have complete OOBs of the Austro-Hungarian 5. Armee the Isonzo as of the first 4 Battles of Isonzo in 1915, preferably down to the regimental or battalion level with the full name of the commanders.

The following are taken from Solving Problems Through Force: The Leadership in Austria-Hungary during WWI.

Orders of Battle: Italian Front, late May 1915
V. Army, Gen. d. Inf. v. Boroevic
-Chief of Staff, Genmj. v. le Beau
--93. inf. div., Genmj. v. Boog
---58. mtn. brig., Oberst Staufer
---185. inf. brig., Oberst Vidale
--94. inf. div., Feldmlt. Kuczera
---187 inf. brig., Kontreadmiral Frh. v. Koudelka
---60. mtn. brig., Oberst Mitlacher
--57. inf. div., Feldmlt. Heinrich Goiginger
---2. mtn. brig., Genmj. v. Lukachich
---6. mtn. brig., Oberst v. Hellebronth
---57. field art. brig., Genmj. Adolf Aust
--Küsten detachment, Oberst Voglhuber
--Küsten detachment, Genmj. v. Maric
-XV. Korps, Gen. d. Inf. Fox
--Chief of Staff, Oberst v. Falkenhausen
---1. inf. div., Feldmlt. Bogat
----7. mtn. brig., Genmj. Ströher
----8. mtn. brig., Genmj. Andrian
----1. field art. brig., Oberst Dworak
---50. inf. div., Feldmlt. Edl. v. Kalser
----3. mtn. brig., Genmj. Gerabek
----15. mtn. brig., Genmj. Edl. v. Wieden

Orders of Battle: Isonzo Front, October 1915
V. Armee, Gen. d. Inf. Boroevic von Bojna (in Küstenland)
-XV. Korps, Feldmlt. Stöger-Steiner von Steinstätten
--50. inf. div., Genmj. Tunk
--1. inf. div., Feldmarschal Schmidt von Fussina
-XVI. Korps, Feldz. von Wurm
--18. div., Genmj. Novak von Arienti
--58. inf. div., Genmj. Zeidler
-Support: 61. inf. div., Feldmlt. Winkler
-VII. Korps, Gen. d. Kav. Erzherzog Josef
--20. Honved inf. div., Genmj. von Lukacic
--17. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Gelb
--106. Landsturm div., Feldmlt. Kletter
-III. Korps, Feldmlt. von Krautwald
--28. inf. div., Feldmlt. Schneider von Manns-Au
--22. Schützen div., Genmj. Schön
-Triest Group, Genmj. von Wasserthal
-Fiume Group, Genmj. von Istvanovic

I'd like to see if there are OOBs per battle and down to the regimental or battalion level!

Thank you for any help!

Best Regards!

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