Best books on Austria-Hungary

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Post by waldorf » 06 Aug 2004 05:39


In college I took a course focusing on the history of the Habsburg Empire and one of our text books was Robert Kann's, A History of the Habsburg Empire 1526 - 1918 The book is a little dry at times, but delves into all aspects of the empire from politics, economics, and military campaigns, to domestic issues. Kann also devoted much space to the various ethnic groups making up the empire which is often mentioned in other books, but never really delved into. If you happen to check for reviews on Amazon disregard the negative ones. I thought the book was very useful and informative.



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Post by yerbamatt » 18 Aug 2004 06:34

And this is my favourite ( I collect atlases and maps) :

Atlas and Gazetteer of Historic Hungary 1914

You may be able to get maps of all Hungarian counties on-line:


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