The Austro-Hungarian Army

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Post by GLADIVM » 23 Oct 2002 06:01

Zachary ,
you can check also the following books of OSPREY in their MEN AT ARMS series :

-The austrian army 1836-66 Infantry MAA 323
- The austrian army 1836-66 Cavalry MAA 329
For WWI unfortunately there is not a book reagarding onlty AH armies but they are included in the description of fighters at various fronts , as :
- Armies in the Balkans MAA 356

In the other series Essential Histories
- The first world war , the meidterranean front ESS 23

And for air aces in the series Aircraft of the aces
- Austro Hungarian aces of WWI ACE 46

Osprey books are always reliable and well written , a little expansive may be , if you are interested can buy online at :

hope to have been of some help

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New Book

Post by Glenn2438 » 25 Oct 2002 10:52

Check out the just published "The Emperor's Coat in the First World War: Uniforms and Equipment of the Austro-Hungarian Army from 1914 to 1818" by Rest, Ortner and Ilming. Available in both English and German Language editions.


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Post by cybercat » 15 Nov 2002 05:06

Just a quick note of interest (or maybe not). Josip Broz Tito was a NCO in the A-H in WWI and won a medal for bravery as a recce soldier.

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