Serbian Soilders Of The Austro-Hungarian Army

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Serbian Soilders Of The Austro-Hungarian Army

Post by G.U.Y » 27 Aug 2005 05:56

Thank God for this Austro-Hungarian section. Man, do I ever have questions!

Greetings, I am of Serbian ancestry. Just earlier this year while doing a school assignment on the subject of the First World War, in which I was required to research my family’s situation during the world crisis, I was astonished to discover that my Great-grandfather who was ethnically Serbian was a soldier of the Austro-Hungarian army. What is most surprising and rather disturbing is that he was fighting on the Balkan front against his own people-Serbs. I imagine that must have been a really negative period in his life.

Anyways, what I want to know is whether there were any famous soldiers of the A-H army other than Boroevic and that air ace (I cannot recall his name, sorry) who were ethnically Serbian.

Furthermore, I have noticed in some old A-H photos that some of the soldiers were wearing what looked like the standard field kepi, but there was no rim. The kepi looked similar to the Yugoslav field hat in WW2. Was this hat, just like the Bosnian Muslim Fez, assigned to specific troops? Or was it just a Kepi with the rim busted off?

You can see some soldiers that are wearing that weird hat on this link: it is the last picture (István Tisza Graf von Boros-Jenö et Szeged standind with the soldiers)

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Post by TISO » 30 Aug 2005 18:48

My favorite: savior of Soška fronta (Isonzo front)
feldmarschall Svetozar Boroević von Bojna
I want to know if there are any monuments dedicated to this famous soldier.

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Post by G. Trifkovic » 04 Sep 2005 01:17


Svetozar Pribicevic,a Serb from Croatia and a famous politician in the future South Slav state,fought as a volunteer in the K.U.K army:

There is an interesting anecdote about the confusion in those days: Serbian unit managed to encircle an Austrian unit somewhere in Serbia. Serbian officer called them to surrender,and the following answer came: "Serbs don't surrender!"



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Austro-Hungarian Field Caps

Post by 3.Jäger Rgt. » 04 Sep 2005 19:33


Though I could not get the link to work, I am pretty sure that the gray visorless cap that you are referring to is a standard A-H cap. You may have seen the red pre- and early war version that was worn by mounted troops. This gray model is that same cap, just upgraded to match the Feldgrau uniform. Bosnian troops in the A-H army wore the traditional fez, first in red and then gray. As far as I know, the ethnic Serbs in the A-H army did not wear any special headgear and would especially not have worn a traditional Serb cap, as it would have caused much confusion and would have been dangerous.


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