Photos of Mannlicher armed troops WW1 & WW2

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Photos of Mannlicher armed troops WW1 & WW2

Post by Krag » 21 Oct 2002 17:43

I am finishing up a new book on the straight-pull military rifles of Ferdinand von Mannlicher and am searching for historical photos for inclusion in it. In particular I need photos of troops from the 1886 - 1945 period armed with Steyr-made M.86, 88, 88-90, 90 and 95 rifles, Stutzens and/or carbines.

I am interested in photos of troops or partisans from any nation that used these rifles: Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Greece, Chile, Transvaal(S. Africa), etc.

If you have any photos - or know of any person, organization or institution that might - please e-mail me. Any photos that are used in my book with be properly credited.

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