Regiment history of the IR23 1813-1913

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Regiment history of the IR23 1813-1913

Post by PeterMontigrav » 30 Aug 2021 03:35

I'm trying to find the unit history of the IR23 that came out a year BEFORE the first world war. The book is called '' Geschichte des Infanterie Regiments von. Winterfeldt (2. oberschlesisches) Nr.23 E. S Mittler & Sohn, 1913 '' It came out in 1913 and im having a hard time finding it. If anyone has a digital copy or PDF of this book and is willing to share, it would be much appreciated, if you pm me i can give you my email. Attached you will find a screenshot from a catalogue where the book's title appears in. Many thanks!
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Re: Regiment history of the IR23 1813-1913

Post by jluetjen » 24 Sep 2021 12:36

It doesn't look like there are many copies, and the closest may be in the NYC public library. The following is from WorldCat, a listing of world-wide library catalogs. I was down there last summer to research the history of a different Schlesian regiment. You can contact them and they will scan in 10 pages for you. If you know what you're looking for, that might get you started. At a minimum it will at least get you the index of the volume. To get more than that you'll need to go in person. You might want to check if there are any students who will do it for you (for a fee) and send you the scan.

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National Library of Australia

Canberra, ACT 2600 Australia

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Australian War Memorial
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Re: Regiment history of the IR23 1813-1913

Post by jwsleser » 24 Sep 2021 21:28

Those libraries are holding a 1929 book on the regiment by Paul Fiedel. The book Peter is looking for is by von Trochin and Naumann.

I couldn't find a copy for sale. WorldCat lists the National Library of Poland and five libraries in Germany holding a copy. One option is to contact those libraries and see if they will scan it. Will likely cost a pretty penny if they will do it. As the book is old, they might not wish to do it. I have had some success with this approach. Another option is find a friend in Germany who can check the book out and scan it. Again, as an old book, it might not be in the open stacks and available for check out.

Besides that, use the out-of-print search engines and hope a copy comes up for sale.

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Re: Regiment history of the IR23 1813-1913

Post by Ken S. » 01 Oct 2021 22:57

German National Library has a scan of the contents pages:

Colour plates here for a price: ... -nr-23.php

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