I need help for Id. heavy gun

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Re: I need help for Id. heavy gun

Post by Sturm78 » 05 Jun 2023 14:12

Thank you, Charlie, Was official the designation M1917 ?


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Re: I need help for Id. heavy gun

Post by CharlieC » 25 Jun 2023 03:04

The offical designation was probably something like: 18.5cm Versuchshaubitze M17 - so few were built they were hardly anything than a historical footnote. Unlike the pre-war experimental howitzers none seem to have survived.


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Re: I need help for Id. heavy gun

Post by Manuferey » 25 Jun 2023 09:20

By the way, you'll find more pictures of this rare howitzer here:
http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic. ... 2&t=197573

Since 18.5 cm is a non-standard caliber, it could have been a relined 15.5 cm or 17 cm tube, dedicated specifically to this research program ("Versuchhubitze"), possibly to try a new recoil system.


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