Denmark in the Great War

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emir pasha
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Denmark in the Great War

Postby emir pasha » 29 Jan 2008 22:16

Greetings !

Denmark was neutral during the great war but she guaranteed that neutrality ,despite her critical geographical position for both combattants, largely thanks to the preparation of her navy and army. I'm currently researching a bit about the neutral countries during World War I but I could find not much information about Denmark. I'm specially looking for the degree of mobilisation and the commanding officers of the army. I'd be happy if you can help me a little.

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Postby bakof » 30 Jan 2008 14:22

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Postby tjohn » 31 Jan 2008 02:15

I suspect that if either the Allies or Germany saw a sure path to victory by conquering Denmark, it would have happened. For Germany, it had to have been advantageous to have Denmark as a neutral neighbor. For the Allies, control of Denmark would have given them access to the Baltic and that would have been very helpful.

Although, I must say that an Allied attack on Denmark would not have played well at all in the United States and the British were not unaware of the importance of public relations. So, while I don't question Denmark's general readiness and resolve, she was not a Great Power and could not have held of a Great Power determined to win.

Dave Bender
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If either the Allies or Germany saw a sure path to victory

Postby Dave Bender » 31 Jan 2008 13:57

I agree. Sometimes remaining neutral is just a matter of luck.

If Britain and/or France had attempted to seize northern Norway in WWI, as they did historically in early 1940, then you would get a similiar German response. Jutland would be occupied by the German army out of military necessity, as happened during 1940.

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Re: Denmark in the Great War

Postby Inquisitr861 » 23 Feb 2010 21:56

In WW1 the only countries that managed to remain neutral were those which managed to convince both sides that they were more useful to them neutral. Both Holland and Sweden both wound up on the brink of war with Britain and France, especially after the americans joined the war.

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