Chemin des Dames

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Chemin des Dames

Post by Bunkerfreak » 05 May 2019 08:32

I often receive the question if i'm still active with bunkers, the answer is "Yess, offcoarse", nowadays again as fanatic as years ago in the Atlantikwall, only we switched interests. We are now studying and investigating WW1 bunkers and tunnels, our primary goal is still the German aspect but thistime the Stellungsbau-bunkers and tunnels.

As an impression of what we research, here is my blog with one of the WW1 frontsectors where we are (very) active, the Chemin des Dames where we every 2 weeks drive to. For WW2 researchers this area is better known as the FHQu Wolfsschlucht 2 area

Ow yeah... one minor point (maybe), the website is written in dutch, as my english is to bad to explain everything we see. Anyway, have fun looking to the pictures, a lot of tunnels, bunkers, etc are found allready (and will follow in next updates)

All the best,
Tom Oliviers, Bunkerfreaks Antwerpen

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