1917 Russian ships sunk?

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James A Pratt III
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1917 Russian ships sunk?

Post by James A Pratt III » 02 Sep 2019 17:45

German Seaplanes in WW I claimed to have sunk 2 Russian merchant ships in the Baltic

29 Aug 1917 1000 ton merchant ship hit and left burning in Gulf of Riga or Osel Island area

3 Sep 1917 3000 ton Merchant ship hit and left burning and a 800 to 1000 ton ship damaged of Dunamunde

Does anyone have any info on these ships? if they were sunk or not?

Felix C
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Re: 1917 Russian ships sunk?

Post by Felix C » 02 Sep 2019 21:07

cannot find that
Leutnant zur See Wolfram Eisenlohr, in command of Friedrichshafen FF41AT Marine Number 1000, directed a bombing attack by three aircraft on the Russian destroyer Stroini, which had run aground in the Gulf of Riga on August 15 in a minelaying mission. The fifth bomb of the string of eight dropped by Eisenlohr’s aircraft hit Stroini and damaged her so severely that she could not be saved. August 21, 1917 is given as the date.

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