WW1 artillery data collection - thread

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WW1 artillery data collection - thread

Post by CroGer » 21 Jan 2022 16:02


some weapon-spergery.

I am currently reading "Waffen- und Munitionswesen" by Robert Weyrauch from 1922, a analysis of the German arms industry in WW1. Weihrauch worked in the "scientific commission" of the Prussian war ministry during the war, in an occupation that I don't know how tf to translate into English ("Beschaffungsreferent") :wink: .

There is a list of the artillery and ammunition in 1914, which I will provide for you:

Field Artillery (3.762 guns in 1912)

Feldkanone 3.267.000 shells (3.173.000 in 1912)
Leichte Feldhaubitze 750.000 shells (422.000 in 1912)

Horse and Foot Artillery/Heavy Artillery (520 guns in 1912)

Schwere Feldhaubitzen 1.115.000 shells
Mörser 87.000 shells

Reserve Foot Artillery and Fortress (2000 guns in 1912)

Schwere Feldhaubitzen 1.150.000 shells
Mörser 112.000 shells

10cm Kanonen 814.000 shells
13cm Kanonen 40.000 shells
15cm Kanonen iRL 12.000 shells
Super Heavy Artillery 9.000 shells

Old guns and (in?) fortesses (2.500 guns in 1912)

9cm Kanonen C73 871.000
12cm Kanonen C80 385.000
15cm Rinkanonen etc 370.000

According to Wolfgang Fleischer, the number of some of the artillery pieces at the outbreak of the war was:

7,7cm FK 96/08 5.086
10,5cm lFH 98/09 1.402

So, there were only 3.762 FK96/08 and lFH98/09 in 1912, but 6.488 in 1914 (Wolfgang Fleischer lists 5.086 FK96/08 and 1.402 lFH98/09). So they must have increased the production of guns, but not really of ammunition - unless either Weihrauch is wrong, or Fleischer (the latter being more realistic).

Now this is supposed to be a thread for people who are interested in these kinds of statistics.
Do you have similar data from either Germany or other participants of the war?

Let's help each other out, because these books are really expensive (that one costed me over 200€) :milwink:

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